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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Jan 25 Beagle Found Dog London, AR $0 NO
Jan 25 Beagle Found Dog 01-22-16 London, AR $0 NO
Jan 25 Labrador Retriever LOST BLACK LAB Lewisville, TX $0 NO
Jan 17 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Female Richmond, TX $800
Jan 16 French Bulldog Akc registered French bulldog puppies Dallas, TX $300
Jan 12 Basset Hound BASSET HOUND PUPPIES Pearland, TX $650 NO
Jan 9 Dachshund Chiweenie Conroe, TX $75 NO
Jan 6 Pit Bull Tylena A Beautiful slotched Bindled Pit Sherman, TX $140 NO
Jan 6 Pit Bull Bosco The Boss Sherman, TX $140 NO
Dec 30 Any Free Coton Tulear Grove, OK $0 NO
Dec 30 Other Free Cotton de Tulear. Grove, OK $0 NO
Dec 11 Any F1B Miniature Labradoodles for Holidays New Braunfels, TX $1700 NO
Dec 5 Beagle akc beagle puppy *Male* Christmas Ready Marlin, TX $850
Dec 5 Beagle akc beagles two 5-mos old tri-colors Marlin, TX $400
Dec 5 Siberian Husky reg. ckc siberian husky *red/white* Marlin, TX $350 NO
Dec 4 Any Golden Retriever Litter due Canyon Lake, TX $1000 NO
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